The Harrison Labs MIDI MESSAGE LOGGER will display the all midi messages in hexadecimal format.  Midi note on/off messages when channel 1 is read, the note name and channel number will also be displayed below the hex code. For other channels the note on/off messages will simply have the midi message hex code displayed. At the present time all other midi messages only display the hex code. The two midi connectors are thru jacks that will not degrade the midi signal. Either one may be cabled to your midi source or your midi sound generator. For the logger to work you only need to connect the source.

This is great for trouble shooting midi cables, midi generators, midi keyboards and the like. The continuous mode selection provides continual message data. The direct mode selection stores the first midi message and is cleared by toggling the mode selection switch.

The MIDI LOGGER is powered from a standard 9 volt battery so no power is drawn off the midi signal source. The standard midi message chart is included that lists all the midi messages and their hex codes.