All Harrison Labs Products are designed and manufactured in USA

 Universal Digital Display

 Range and decimal set by solder jumpers


 Simple to recalibrate

 Accurate and will no drift

 Read 4 ranges of DC Volts or DC Amps*

 Reads Temperature **

 Price range $ 51.52 to $ 99

* Using Amp Shunt

** Using Temperature sensor



 Degree C or Degree F models

 Price $ 24.95

 Pyrometer (thermocouple) amplifier

 Measures up to 1999 degrees F +/- .5%

 For Chromel Alumel thermocouples

 Includes thermocouple plug

 Price $229 complete with readout less probe

 Adds screw terminals to VM-1

 AC Volts , AC Amps RMS *, DC Amps

 Hz reading for AC inputs

 See complete meter assemblies incl. Yacht Uses

* Using Ac Current transformer

200 and 2000 Amp Shunts

 Laboratory Quality

 Very Accurate

 Price range $ 34.95 to $ 149

VM 1 Digital Readout

VM 1 Backboard Option

Current Shunts

Temperature Sensors


 Measures speaker impedance (15 to 150 HZ)

 Digital HZ (frequency) readout

 Accurate +/- 1% 12VDC powered

 .25 to 119 ohms impedance

 Available as bass audio generator only $99

 Price $199