AMPLIFIERS - High Efficiency

For Commercial, Industrial,

Mobile, and Military Uses

Audio Engine

AMP 400 N B

This amp is also available full audio range class D.


Applications include military speaker drivers for warning systems such as incoming messages.

Model  AMP 400

Size:                     3” W, 5.5” H, 8.5” L

Weight:                 3.8 Pounds

RMS Watts:           400 W (3/4 Horsepower)

Audio Input Volts:  100 mV to 8 Volts

Outputs:                Heavy duty binding post

Distortion:             .18% @1V RMS 30 Hz

Protection:             Low Ohms - overload

Efficiency:             Amplifier section 93%

                              Power Supply 90 %

Amp Draw:            34 amps max

Input Voltage:        11V to 16 VDC

Output Impedance: 1, 2 or 4 ohm

Audio Engine

AMP 800 N B

Applications include transducer drivers and motor driver amplifiers.

Model  AMP 800  or 1600 AK

RMS Watts: 800W/1600W(2.5 Horsepower)

 Output Impedance: 1, 2 or 4 ohm


Model  AMP 1600 AK

RMS Watts: 1600 W

Output Impedance: 1 or 2 ohm


AE stands for Audio Engine ( a trade mark of Harrison Labs Inc.) Audio Kinetics is the trade mark name that signifies the miniature high power build version of all Hlabs class D1600 watt amplifiers . The 400 watt Harrison amplifier is also available in a full range version (20 – 20000 hz) with a 20 hz high pass crossover included. Hlabs full range amplifiers are very efficient and sound as clean as a class AB amplifier and may even sound a bit more “crisp” due to the high slew rate. Each amplifier includes the Fmod crossover (you must specify the value in hertz) and the power wire links shown above. If your head unit does not have a mono mixed sub-woofer output jack, you can use the Harrison Labs Pfmod (a trade name of Hlabs) which does not require DC power (model LP-1). This is a 2 channel crossover that has a pair of RCA mono mixed output jacks for the woofer amp output where you can select either 50, 70, 100, or 150 hz low pass. There is also a pair of straight through RCA jacks for your full range amplifier. You can also use the Pfmod model 2W-1 where instead of the straight through jacks, there is a pair of high pass output jacks that have the same frequencies available.

800 watt class D amplifier800 watt class D amplifier

Audio Engine Amplifier Mobile install Kit

Minimizes amplifier installation and wiring problems such as speaker shorts to ground and remote turn-on overload that can lead to amplifier failure.  Shown is the install kit for 1600 watt amplifiers. Includes inline solid state trigger relay.